Our company is able to develop the most complex products in the shortest possible time having a research and development center with highly qualified specialists (many of which are inventions and patents). 
Our specialists have developed and put into mass production LED headlamps for the Moscow, St. Petersburg and Budapest metro.


Key features of headlights:
  1. Lights are low power consumption and high light output – 6500 watt with candelas.
  2. Color temperature: 2700-3500 K
  3. The total angle of dispersion of the luminous flux: 5 °
  4. Power supply: 50 ~ 90V
  5. Colour Rendering Index: CRI ≥ 80
  6. Operating temperature range: -40 … + 50 ° C
  7. Automatic switching capacity photosensor to prevent blinding the passengers on the platform
  8. Forward lighting combination, marker lamp and photocell in a single package
  9. Possible modification of the headlights with standard marker lamp
Our products are distinguished by modern design and individual approach to each customer
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