Brelight Marine

Ship LED lighting series “Brelight Marine”. This is a new word in shipbuilding.
We have developed as searchlights and lamps for indoor and outdoor lighting.


Our LED lights are different:
  • compact size
  • low power consumption
  • high reliability
  • long service life
  • adequate price


Brelight Marine is sealed spotlight IP 66, because there is no need to change the LEDs. 


Brelight Marine поисковый фара-искатель охоты рыбалки катеров лодокmarine-3-backфара-искатель, светодиодный прожектор, brelight

  • Aluminium housing plated and powder coated reliably removes heat and resists corrosion.
  • The most advanced Cree LEDs with a color temperature of 2700K break through the fog
  • Optics with efficiency over 92 %
  • Driver of own design
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Protection from power surges up to 60V
  • Stainless steel bracket
  • The pressure equalization valve provides a seal in all operating conditions
  • Operating temperature -40 to +50°C
    This searchlight can replace floodlights M9, M10, M12

    19 диодов

Under the order available modifications

a: range of radiation – 700 m, luminous intensity – 490 000 candelas, power – 65 W, supply voltage – 10-30 V, body diameter – 216 mm (replacement WISKA SW200)
b: range of radiation – 1000 m, luminous intensity – 1 000 000 candelas, power – 130 W, supply voltage – 220 V ± 20%, body diameter – 310 mm (replacement WISKA SW300)
Procurement contact
Under the order in the shortest possible time we can develop and manufacture the spotlight on your technical requirements. On development issues to address