Brelight Matrix

Brelight Matrix – a range of luminaires designed for installation on vehicles and light industrial facilities, warehouses and logistics centers, sports facilities, pavilions and architectural lighting.

Lamps used to illuminate stadiums, ski slopes, ports and large open areas

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Modifications to the supply voltage of 12 or 24 V can be used as additional optics for SUVs, trucks and military vehicles

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Brelight Matrix” – is:
  • Unique hybrid lenses that provide unsurpassed focus light flux
  • The latest CREE LED matrix with an efficiency of 150 lm/W
  • The innovative dual-cooling system that reliably removes heat from the high-power LEDs

Brelight Matrix промышленный архитектурный дополнительная подсветкаBrelight Matrix

Supply voltage 180 ÷ 265 VAC
9-18 VDC
18-32 VDC
Frequency 50 Гц
power consumption 45 Вт
LED Manufacturer CREE™
The light flow of the lamp 5200 лм
Colorful temperature 4000-5000 K
Colour rendering index CRI ≥80
Driver Power Factor,
cos φ
≥ 0,95
Coefficient of luminous flux pulsations ≤ 1 %
dimensions, mm Ø140*90
Weight 2 кг
Operating temperature -40…+50°С
Climatic performance УХЛ 1
Class of protection against electric shock I
Degree of protection lamp housing IP67

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The undeniable advantage of the design is its modularity, which allows you to compose lighting in the right quantity with different optics. For instance: the assembly of the 16 fixtures Plasma spotlights can compete effectively.


“Brelight Matrix” 4×4 approximately 30% more efficient than plasma projectors, has a longer life and the power of the light, only a little inferior in size and weight. And all this at a similar price!

Lamps “Brelight Matrix” available from corners 15, 20, 25, 35, 45 and 60 degrees. IES files available on request.